CHIC Smart 2 Wheel Scooters Review – Comparision

CHIC Smart Scooters S1, S2, C1 and C2 Review


CHIC has lot of useful products to different categories of people. CHIC golf, jazz, cross , LS and CHIC smart scooters are the products it produces. Among those products now we are going to see the most selling of all those items. That is CHIC smart scooters (self balancing). To date CHIC has 4 different models of smart  electric scooters. They are

  1. Chic smart Scooter S1 Crooked Rover 2 Wheels with longer mileage
  2. Chic smart S2 with App , the latest and advanced scooter.
  3. Chic smart C1 Crooked Rover 2 Wheels Scooter
  4. Chic smartC2 Camouflage


smart chic s2Each self balance scooter has few different features and all were reviewed and explained here, to select which model suits your the best. All the models  chic smart S1 electric scooter , S2 , C1 and C2 has many common features and specifications , with few changes based on their design and purpose of usage. General specs of all Smart CHICS can be seen in the below table.

General Specification of  CHIC Smart 2 wheel self balancing Scooter

chich smart scooter specifications


CHIC Smart Scooter S1 , S2 , C1 and C2 Comparision

MODELS1S2 with APP C1C2 with Remote
Turning RadiusZero DegreeZero DegreeZero DegreeZero Degree
Mileage(Range per charge)20-25 KM15-20KM10-15KM20KM
Speed10 KM/Hour10KM/Hour10KM/Hour10KM/Hour
BatteryRechargeable lithium battery(36V 4.4AH) lithium-ion battery Charging time 2-3H Charging power AC100-240V/50-60HZRechargeable lithium battery(36V 4.4AH) Rechargeable lithium battery(36V 4.4AH)
Climbing AngleRiding Angle: 20°15°15°15°
Weight 10 KG10KG10KG10KG
Load20 KG - 120KG20KG - 100KG20KG - 100KG20KG - 100KG
Water Proof small amount of water can be prevented, if it is all in the water not workIngress protection IP54small amount of water can be prevented, if it is all in the water not worksmall amount of water can be prevented, if it is all in the water not work
Dimensions584*185*178mm(H*L*T) 584*185*178mm 584*185*178mm(H*L*T) 584*185*178mm(H*L*T)
WarrantyOne yearOne yearOne yearOne year
PriceCheck out Best price Check out Best price Check out Best price Check out Best price
Camo Green
Camo Red
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Comparing all the features from the above table one can decide which model to select based on their needs and requirements.

  • If long battery mileage is needed then S1 is the best choice
  • If you need one for some extra load which can with stand upto 120 KG weight then S1 is the best choice , as it has higher capacity than other scooters.

CHIC Smart Scooter Applications:

  • Commuter
  • Personal Transporters
  • Security Patrol/ Sport Stadium
  • Amusement park/ Warehouse
  • Event & Promotional activity
  • Renting in tourist attractions

Who these Chic Smart 2 wheel Scooter are for?

  • Most  idea choice for white collar workers mostly to get rid of traffic jams and also  to relax in leisure time.
  • Event Managers
  • Warehouse managers
  • Sports Stadium managers
  • Those who want to move short distances very often which has lot of traffic where using big vehicles like cars and bikes is very difficult.
  • Kids –  they really love this scooter so much
  • Tourist Guides , also for renting tourists.
  • Security Personnel

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