EcoReco M5 Review

EcoReco M5 E-Scooter

This scooter is one of the modest ways of commuter transportation. Whether you live on a college campus or want to run some quick errands, then this might be the product you’re looking for. The Eco reco is smooth, quiet and very comfortable to ride.

EcoReco M5 E-Scooter Review

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EcoReco Features

It saves up a lot of energy, and the engine is designed in an ecofriendly way, it gives you 2,000 MPGe/500 miles in only $1. This means that this scooter is one of the most efficient engines. Another great feature of this scooter is that its height is adjustable, now people of all ages can enjoy this beautiful scooter for any of their purpose. It’s also foldable so you can carry it back to home if one runs out of charge or are traveling somewhere far, just put it in a bag, go to the beach and enjoy your ride. Its maximum top speed is 20 mph, which we all agree is excellent due to its small size and weight and its folding capability. The developers should be applauded for the fact they created a folding scooter that goes up to a pretty decent speed. The range is maximum 20 miles, which should be enough for everyday and short trips. It usually takes 2.5 hours to 85% and around 4 hours to be fully charged. Unlike many scooters, it’s a surprise to see it has good suspension installed which helps to reduce and dampen vibrations over rough surfaces and uneven pavements. Another feature which I believe is a contributing factor for safety is that the throttle doesn’t activate until you reach at least 2mph. One won’t feel a sudden jump or kids would be able to enjoy it without their parents being worried about it.

Another great feature I want to write about is its two-year extended warranty which comes along with best customer service. So the company is not in for a short term period, they are looking to provide with the best quality along with best customer service. The handle of this scooter is also adjustable which can be changed according to the requirement of the height. It also includes solid rubber tires which prove to be very durable.


Operating this scooter is as easy as it can get.  Once the battery is charged, simply push the on the button which turns on the LCD showing your speed, trip distance, battery’s health and a charge cycle counter. One has to ride the scooter manually and reach the speed of 2mph until you feel the throttle, which is a bit jerky at the start but when once you catch speed it smoothens up. There is one brake which can be operated from the left handle and is attached to the rear wheel

Some drawbacks

Firm rubber tiles sometimes will give you an abrasive experience. There is no way of turning off the electronics of this scooter, which is worrying in a way that anyone will be able to tamper with it. Although this scooter is brought into a market as a lightweight scooter, it is surprisingly 35lbs

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