Glion Scooter Review

Glion dolly electric scooter

The Glion dolly electric scooter is a very interesting product in a sense that it’s very supportable, convenient and easy to carry. It is a relatively new addition to the family of electric scooters and since its arrival; it has caught some real attention and high amount of sales, more than even what the company expected. It’s also affordable starting from $799. It has a vertical self-standing feature which also allows us to carry and walk with it like a roller bag suitcase. It has a decent and a shiny, lustrous look and attracts the eye of every person. The design is unique and very innovative; Glion is not looking to stop surprising us, it is trying to go forward in this dedicated field instead of just tagging along with its competitors in the market.

Glion Scooter Review

Glion Scooter Features

Relatively light weight features, and a deck design fold make it very convenient for a person to carry it, thanks to a smaller battery size, a narrow handle and lightweight material overall. It nearly weighs 2lb.  It comes with a 250W brushless electric hub motor.  The battery is Samsung Lithium-Ion, 36V. It comes with a LED indicator which shows the battery’s health; a yellow light indicates 50% battery. But it doesn’t include a speedometer or any integrated lights. The maximum speed of this electric scooter is 15 mph, and its total range is 15 Miles per charge. It also comes with a pedestrian cover and a pedestrian bell.  These are similar to hoverboard scooters. See how to get a free hoverboard here.

It has a good ground clearance. The material is made from aluminum with a powder coating that is military grade. Wheel dimension is larger than many other kick scooters we’ve seen, and the tires are inflated, they are honeycomb tires and are punctured proof which will never go flat to increase durability which enables you to enjoy a decent ride than some of its competitors. This scooter uses electricity as brakes which are something new for this type of a scooter; these brakes have a shortcoming. If a person wants to ride in the old classical way of scooting around then these electric brakes don’t work (because it’s not turned on) and it doesn’t even have a heel brake, so sometimes it becomes very difficult to control and handle. So we’ll always prefer a physical brake that’s easy and smooth to stop with.

Steering handle and starting of Glion electric Scooter:

Steering handle is narrow and easy to take control of. This handle can be adjusted to go up and down according to the height requirement. As a safety precaution one has to simply push the electric scooter after turning it on to get it moving, at least to 2mph and be careful with the throttle because it is surprisingly sensitive  which is a good addition to it, as it reduces the risk of a sudden jump which might misbalance a person standing on it.

Nonetheless, it is a great product to get your hands on especially if you live in an area where professionalism is strictly followed. Consider this great product is making its way into your office lobby.

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