Handlebar Kit for Segway MiniPro

Segway miniPro Handle

After its entrance into the market of self-balancing scooters, Segway has not yet stopped surprisiSegway miniPro Handleng us with their amazing list of accessories you can behold for your scooters. Despite different models of their “decent looking self-balancing scooters,” they are also working hard on ways to improve applicability, uniqueness and finding ways for alternative use of their products. One of the accessories that I am going to write about is the new handle bar kit. Read complete Segway miniPro review here

This handle bar kit is specifically designed for the Segway miniPro. If a person decides to buy this item, a parking stand for Segway mini pro is included for free, so it’s like a buy one get one free type of a deal which in usual cases makes a consumer better off. So the company is being clever with providing an incentive as well with this accessory. The handle is made from a very high-quality material. It includes all the necessary tools and is very easy to attach. Instructions are included in the manual which is easy to understand (a 3rd grader will attach it in a minute).

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Handlebar Kit for Segway MiniProNow the question arises why one should behold this accessory and as a matter of fact I have some good reasons.

  • Stability
    It provides comfort and stability when riding a Segway miniPro. It gives you more control of your hover board, and you feel much in charge.
  • Alternative use
    It enables a person to use Segway miniPro alternatively as well; riders can effortlessly switch between the knee controlled bar and the handle bar. So one can ride their machine as a scooter as well as a hover board. Interesting isn’t it.
  • Security
    It gives a person more secured feeling when riding Segway miniPro. This accessory is most recommended for kids or for first timers. Very safe and comfortable for any personal use
  • Colors
    It comes in two decent colors, and as we can guess it is black and white. Because of the fact that the Segway mini pro itself comes in two colors i.e. black and white, so it’s a decent choice by the company to not add any different or flashy colors to the handle bar.
  • Looks solid
    It gives a very classy look and doesn’t look like an additional input that doesn’t fit in. The attention to detail on the handle bar is incredible. So one more reason why one should have this accessory for their Segway miniPro
  • Reduces stress on your knees
    On extended rides, this handle bar will definitely help reduce the stress on the knees and legs enabling us to use the handle bar.

Minor drawbacks
It adds in a bit amount of weight to Segway miniPro, which might cause a bit of reduction in its speed. The steering column gets some extra load which is not beneficial at all for this machine. Minor calibration is needed after installing this product because after you install this product, the center of gravity of Segway miniPro is disturbed, but the process is very easy and can be achieved with the help of an App available on the Appstore.

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