Electric Hoverboard Reviews

Electric Hoverboard Reviews

Everything you need to know about Hoverboards

Before going directly into hoverboard reviews first lets see what they are? Hoverboards, also known as swegways, mini-segways or self balancing boards. These are getting very popular in not only in USA but across the world these days. Hollywood movies have made them popular. Modern hoverboards come in different shapes and sizes and with various features such as built in GPS or built in speakers that you can connect with mobile.HOVERBOARD Reviews

What are hoverboards?

Electric Hoverboards are new invention and the way they work is same as of segways. The forward momentum is gained by the rider by tilting body and leverage. Gyroscopic mechanism is used to propel rider forward using gravity and battery power. It provides a sensation of hovering or floating. Segways come with manual steering control, therefore its easier to ride them, However, hoverboards do not have this feature and it is therefore difficult to ride them and master them. One should be very careful while riding them and must use pads, safety helmets and reflective clothing. 2 wheel hoverboards are not allowed publicly in some countries

Are hoverboards safe to ride on?

There are always questions about whether real hoverboads are safe to ride or not. Well, hoverboards are difficult to ride on and one must be very careful and follow all safety rules while riding them. Here are some guidelines that need to be followed to ensure safety while riding hoverboards:

Safety precautions before buying hoverboardhoverboard with wheels

  • Always make sure to purchase from a reliable sellers only so that you can get guidance about instructions and tips to ride hoverboards in a safe manner.
  • USA plug must be there on hoverboard to ensure that electronics are properly tested and are safe for use in USA. You can confirm this by mailing or calling the seller.
  • Only ordering hoverboards is not enough, you should purchase safety gear as well, such as gloves, helmets, pads.

Safety precautions after purchasing hoverboard scooter

  • You should always follow the charging instructions carefully and should charge hoverboard at a safe place in your presence.
  • Before going out for the first time on hoverboard, it is very important to get advice and training about how to ride it. For some days it is important that you do not use them unaccompanied.
  • Do not let anyone ride on your hoverboard with you. It can be risky for both of you.
  • All the manufacturer’s instructions must be followed strictly.
  • Avoid using real hoverboards on public roads and try to find some semi-public or private place where use of hoverboards is allowed.

Things to look for in hoverboard

There are many things that need to be taken care of when you are thinking of purchasing one. Some of them are explained below:

Types of hoverboard

This is the first thing that needs to be decided, that is the type of hoverboard you want to purchase. Hoveboards are of mainly two types, board and wheel. Wheel hoverboards are nicknamed as airwheel. Though there is not much conceptual difference between both of them, but the way of controlling them is different. The main difference being control handles which are an integral part of Segway.

The board consists of two parts with wheel on each side. The wheels are connected with hinge at center that allows them rotate without any dependency on each other. The rider need to step on the pads that are pressure sensitive and he needs to lean forward to move ahead and backwards if he wants to go back. For changing direction, the rider needs to push one foot little more forward in comparison to other foot. If you push left foot more forward, it will make the left wheel rotate faster causing board to turn in right direction and if you want to turn left, you need to put forward your right foot. It is difficult to explain in writing and might confuse you, but when you will ride hoverboard in actual you will learn how to control it and position yourself. It is no rocket science.

Another type of hoverboard is wheel that is popularly known as airwheel. In this type of hoverboard, a large wheel is fixed in the middle of the board instead of having wheels on both ends. There can be two wheels as well. It depends on the model of airwheel you are using. There are pressure sensitive paddles on both sides where the user stands. It is a little more difficult to learn to ride on airwheel as it has only one wheel at the center. In case you have to make a sudden change in direction, it will come by using body weight and swivelling hips. A little difficult to understand, but once you get used to it, you are good to go.

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Wheel size: Just like you check the wheel size while buying any car or bike or any other vehicle, you need to check the wheel size for hoverboards as well. A generic hoverboard will have comparatively small wheels of size about 6.5-7 inches. It is to keep them smaller and bring in more efficiency for the users. It works pretty well on smooth surfaces, but on uneven surfaces, it may bring in some problems as the wheels may spin coming off the ground. And when they regain touch with ground, they jerk forward causing difficulty for the rider to control the board. It is dangerous when the rider is in high speed. It implies that to be on safer side, riders should ride slowly on uneven surfaces.

Hoverboards with smaller wheels do not perform good against curbs or other elevated surfaces. You can hover across rugs if you can maintain speed, but it is difficult to mount a curb. Now there are two more popular wheel sizes in the market, 8 inches and 10 inches. The stability level provided by 8 inches wheels is better than the 6.5-7 inches wheels and it still maintains the compact and small size of hoverboards. However, users who want to ride on uneven, off roads, 10 inches wheels are best for them. This size is relatively bigger and hoverboards with this size of wheels look a bit out of proportion, but it is best to handle off roads, uneven and grassy surfaces.

Airwheel hoverboards however, have a comparartively large wheel size of the range of 11.6-14 inches. It is best to handle uneven surfaces. Since this type has only one wheel so it minimizes the issues related with losing control while riding at uneven surfaces. Infact,there are many things that airwheel riders can do which board riders can not, for example, airwheel riders can grab airwheel between legs and jump up to pavements level from road. Normal board riders can not do this.

Hoverboard weight limit :

Another factor that needs to be considered while selecting hoverboard is weight. Weight of both the rider as well as hoverboard in an important consideration. Normally 7 inches hoverboard can stand the weight of about 100 kgs or if you are in UK then about 15 stone 7 pounds. Ihoverboard weight limit t is not that hoverboards will not work with weight more than this limit, but it will create some problem in balancing it for the rider. People who weigh more than 100 kgs are therefore advised to opt or 10 inches hoverboard or they can opt for airwheel as they can better support them better. Air wheel can support weight of about 120 kg or 18 stone 8 lbs.

As far as the weight of hoverboards in concerned, the weight is almost same irrespective of the model you are considering to purchase. There will be a slight weight difference among different models. Usually, 7 inches hoverboards are of about 10 kg in weight. It is important to keep weight of hoverboards in mind as there are some times when you need to carry them instead of riding them, such as upstairs or while using public transport. You may get tired carrying 10kgs with you. The hoverboards with 10 inches wheels weigh about 12.5 kg and its little more uncomfortable to carry them because of their size. Airwheel riders have the option of built in handle to help users carry their hoverboards when they cannot ride them.


Waterproofing is another thing that needs to be considered while selectiWaterproof hoverboardng hoverboards. It is especially more important when the area you are residing has rainy weather most time of the year. Usually all hoverboards come with rating of IP54 for waterproofing. It means that these hoverboards can face splash of water, but nothing more than this. However, airwheel manufacturers claim that these are waterproof and the riders can use them even during rains. However, riding hoverboards in rain is risky and not advisable. You need to check with the manufacturer to find out if the hoverboard you select is waterproof or not.

Speed and Range: Speed and range is also important to consider. There is difference of range among different models. Usually a standard model offers a range of 12-14 miles, whereas a premium model offers 13-17 miles range. The speed is usually around 10mah for all models. There is a great difference in range in different models of airwheels. Cheaper models have a very small range of 4-6 miles, whereas higher models offer range of even 24-28 miles. The speed is also more in airwheels which is usually 12mph. These are just estimates of range and speed of hoverboards. There may be little difference in these ranges among different models.

Extra features: Hoverboards these days come with several extra features. The manufacturers add these features to entice users. You can now have hoverboards with GPS to track it globally, car keys that work like remote to enable you turn on or off your hoverboard and now you can have hoverboards with even Bluetooth speakers. However, none of these features can improve the performance of hoverboards, but it is a matter of personal choice that what features you want in your hoverboard.

Buy Hoverboard

How much is a hoverboard ?  The price of the board depends on your requirement and budget. Hoverboard for cheap price is near 200 dollars and the premium boards cost is endless. If you are looking for the cheapest hoverboard, get the best one here.

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