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Best Hoverboard Segway

What is Hoverboard Segway ?  It is nothing but the viral self balancing scooter. Usually segways have handles to drive but with the Hoverboard Segway, it is hands free scooter. These hands free segway scooter are very popular these days. Usually hoverboards are one wheeled vehicles but segways are two wheeled ,  these hoverboard scooters have 2 wheels. They operate on the principle of self balancing that is they operate by the way the rider balances his / her body. Standing on the hoverboard , if you lean forward it moves forward, if you lean backward it stops the vehicle. Everything is controlled by sensors and gyroscopes.

Hoverboard Segway for saleHoverboard segway price range varies from $300 – $1800 based on model and features included in them. Cheap hoverboard segway scooter starts from $300 , which has all the features for good going. The high end and best segway hoverboard costs around $1800 , there were many models in between like Zyrodorne at around $900 and IO HAWK around $1000, CHIC SMART segway at around $800 . These are premium boards , which are top selling on across the world.

Why these are called Hands free scooters or a handsfree segway?  Usually scooters and segways have handles to control the direction of the vehicle , but these boards don’t have handles. So these are called segway handsfree scooters. Also segways cost much higher than these scooters and occupy more place compared to these models.

Segway Vs Segway hoverboard

Segway Hoverboard Scooter:

  • Less price compared to segway cost
  • Less wait , just weighs 10kg
  • Easy to carry on your back
  • No Parking space required
  •  Can be used even inside house
  • Even kids can use this hoverboards easily


  • High cost to buy
  • Need Parking
  • Cannot carry it on your back
  • Weighs more than scooter , around 50 KG

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