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Hoverseat Review

Hover boards are already very simple yet futuristic products that’re taking the market on hit and are on the rise. It performs a very basic function, and that is providing us with a simple and easy way of commuter transport. But what are making hover boards successful after many years is its ability to accommodate many accessories? I am going to talk about one specific accessory that is attachable to a hover board. It’s called a hover seat. As the name suggest and most of you reading might already have guessed it, it enables a person to sit on their hover boards. It has a very simple, though unique design that makes a hover board more fun and a whole lot safer to ride. It is a very ingenious attachment that can easily convert a hover board into a mini electric vehicle.

It was genuinely made to make hover boards safer and so that everyone can enjoy it regardless of age or ability, but one can do so much with this accessory.

hoverseat review

How it operates

It operates in the same way as a simple hover board, by adding this cart it only enables you sit on your hover board and doesn’t change any of the function. And by this, we mean it still steers the same way. It doesn’t come with a steering wheel. It includes a cart wheel which converts a hover board into a mini vehicle, making it very easy to drive and steer.

Setting it up

It’s very easy and quick to set up. There’s a specially adapted clamp in the center of your hover board, so whenever you want to set it up simply attach it to the bar in the clamp and then choose what will go on top of it, lawn chair, fordable chair or a beach chair. It’s an own person choice that will make it look unique and different


It makes riding on a hoverboard more relaxed. Want to enjoy a ride on the beach but also looking for a way to relax, simply attach your favorite beach chair to a hover board and enjoy. Or perhaps someone prefers a comfortable chair with a cushion, anything you want is easily attachable.


It makes your hover board safer. If someone is not accustomed to a hover board or a parent wants to buy it for their kids, then the hoverseat allows us not to worry about falling over anymore when someone hits a bump or gets off balance on an uneven surface.


Pull cargo; sit on top of a cooler box, now it’s all possible with a hover seat. No need to carry a hover board anymore, as a hover seat cart can pull your hover board back home when you run out of charge. Transport your heavy tools or want to pull a kayak down the beach, it can do it all. It has more practical features that I have in mind right now.

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