How Much Does a Segway Cost ?

The Segway is a two-wheeler personal transportation system that is electrically powered. Before going to the segway cost, first let us see what is segway board? The resemblance is similar to a scooter but comes with a longer neck, handle bars, and a flat standing area. These systems are regularly seen on the sidewalks of almost every major metro location. The Segway is supposed to reduce congestion due to excessive traffic while also being beneficial to save the limited supply of gasoline. The design is user-friendly providing optimal balance with easy to use hand controls. This device was invented by Dean Kamen with the first personal transporter being available as early as 2002. The invention was the result of many years of R&D driving by the primary objective of creating something that was unique and offering lasting contribution to the world.



  • The Segway is small in size and light weight
  • The design has been made to provide longevity and durability to the users
  • The personal transporter is expected to last for at least 10 years providing you with the maximum advantage on the segway cost
  • The system is very convenient to reach destinations that are often difficult to access with your cars
  • The high quality balance control system ensures the Segway is able to remain upright without any difficulties
  • This scooter is innovative and ingenious with nothing else that is even remotely comparable to this system
  • The non-marking tires makes it easy to use the Segway indoors without any difficulty
  • The transport system is fully sealed, which means using it even during the rains is easy
  • Users can travel up to 38 kilometers with the battery before needing recharging
  • Easy and convenient to ride on all kinds of surfaces, such as dirt, roads, grass, and sidewalks

Popular uses 

Although many people find the Segway scooter to appear toy-like, it is increasingly becoming popular. It is one of the best options available for personal transportation. Since these are not approved to travel on the highways or streets, these can be easily used on any surface that is walk able.

  • Navigating in the industrial or college campus
  •  Grocery shopping
  •  City tours  
  •  Rentals as universal studios and sea world scooters
  •  Police use these systems in several airports for convenient and fast travel


Many people wonder how much is a segway cost? It will primarily depend on the model you choose to acquire. These personal transportation systems are available in two models, which include the i2 and the x2. The cost of the i2 ranges between $5,300 and $5,900. On the other hand, the x2 price is between $5,900 and $6,400. Users can also find these systems in Europe where the PT i2 Ferrari Limited Edition model is available for Euro 8,500. There are some cheaper Chinese Segways that are available and cost around $1,500; however, these are not recommended because commonly these are not durable due to their inferior quality.
The segway price is also driven by gyroscope that is most important for achieving the right balance. This system comes with an advanced internal computer program allowing the scooter to balance well only on two wheels without the risk of falling down. The computer program and the motor provide the upright balance to the personal transporter when powered while enabling the balanced mode.

The scooter is available in three different speeds; beginner, sidewalk, and open environment. Using the beginner setting that gives maximum speed of 6 kilometers per hour with slowest turning rate allows you to get used to riding it around. To become adapted to pedestrian settings, using the sidewalk setting providing maximum speed of 8 kilometers and medium turning speed is a good option. Riders will enjoy their rides in open spaces using the open environment setting giving maximum speed of 12.5 kilometers and highest responsive turning rate.

The official website of the company provides no information on the segway cost making it a little difficult. However, there are several dealers in different parts of the country and you can check their websites to know about the various models and their prices. The sites also provide the technical details and specifications about the different models. Most dealers will ask you to visit their locations to help you make the decision. This is because most people may consider the segway price to be high when they see it on the website. However, once you physically visit the dealer and see how the Segway is operated and understand the several benefits, the possibility of you make the decision to procure this personal transporter is more likely. The scooter is an amazing way to move around, get yours today.