MonoRover R1 132Wh Single wheel Self Balancing Unicycle Electric scooter

MonoRover R1 & R3

Single wheel scooter is an introduction of new levels of scooters in the market. These new scooters are designed to eliminate any possible challenges which were previously experienced with the use of others mode of transportation. This includes packing space, paying for gases, traffic jams among others. This air wheel self-balancingelectric unicycle will take you where you are supposed to be without much hustles. This package has a very appropriate weight, which makes it quite portable over long distances. It has been designed using modern designs meaning, you can move with it quite comfortably.It has the right speed, and efficiency for the different users who might be using the device. Its battery has specifically been designed to ensure, you are riding for longer duration without needing successive charging. It can reach quite fast speed for a scooter, these are 14 Mph and your balance will be steady, throughout your riding experience. MonoRover R1

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Features of monorover R1

  1. Designed with a 132 WH battery, this makes this scooter quite convenient for long duration usage
  2. It can achieve a distance of 14 MPH for a distance of 15 miles. This is quite the right speed for a scooter. You will not feel pressured for moving too fast or too slow
  3. This scooter has a weight of about 120 KG; this means anyone can carry the scooter. There is no need for worries about packing spaces and other related problems.
  4. This scooter has combined both efficiency and speed to serving its users
  5. Has been designed with a very modern design. This makes riding on it a very fulfilling experience and also quite easy.
  6. This scooter  has a waterproof ability which can reach to a level of IP65;this is particularly when you are riding with a speed of up to 180 KM/HR.alert will be activated to notify you this. This is quite efficientsince it allows you to access even inaccessible places using these simple devices. The notification message or alert will help you take any appropriate steps
  7. Fitted with a 500w motor which improves the insulation performances to ensure longtime lifespan. The material also making the physical body is high quality material and this is tailored to ensure that your scooter will last for longer periods.
  8. Has been fitted with an effective anti-skid grip and also a 30 degree safe riding angle. This makes controlling of the scooter quite in the right. It also has a solo wheel which also helps in making it more efficient in mobility.monorover r3


  1. Size 468 * 400*165 mm (H*L*T)
  2. Weight limit: 120 KG
  3. Temperature 10 Celsius degrees – 40 degrees.The best is between 10-30
  4. The range per charge is 18-23 KM
  5. The package includes: inflatable mouth, unicycle, charger, auxiliary belt, instruction, auxiliary wheels which are two.

Self balancing unicycle reviews show that the best scooters have to accommodate a variety of aspects which most of them includes the listed features of this single wheel scooter. This device is the right use of your money for the right purposes. The device is economical and has no extra hustles of where to leave it, when you have arrived at your destination. Just take it up and move with it to where you are going. The battery will enable you to keep riding for longer duration and this is very important for those individuals who love using the scooter to move across long distance. This scooter is very easy to use and within a very short time, you will have the full knowledge of riding on this scooter. This scooter basically has combined a number of features, these are one wheel, one dream and also one of a kind. The design is quite the best and the durability of this scooter is on another level; this means that once you purchase this device, you will be in a position to use it over a long period of time without feeling any pressure for buying any new scooters which might be in the market. To view how easy this scooter is to use, use this link

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