Ninebot One wheel scooter has introduced the new aspect of innovativeness in the market. This one wheel electric scooter is designed with not only the present requirement for the perfect design, but with the future in mind. This device will make your mobility quiet efficient and enjoyable.You will definitely enjoy being around this scooter. Not only is the design top notch, but also it has very incredible features which makes it very unique and efficient. It has been fitted with a high speed to make you arrive at various designated areas within a short period. The high speed though does not mean that the scooter is somehow not safe, the scooter is very safe and you have the ability to control the device in very simple steps. It has been fitted with a standard charging capacity, which will ensure that you are enjoying using the device for long durations before having to recharge it.This scooter has the ability to climb levels of up to 20 degrees; this is quite unique to this scooter. Most of the common squatters have the ability to only climb levels of 20 degrees. The device is very portable and can easily be taken to different areas without any straining. See complete ninebot reviews about the specifications and features below. 

Features of NINEBOT self balancing scooter

  1. This ninebot one wheel electric scooter has been designed in an intelligent and very fashionable manner. It has also been fitted with very interactive function. This makes the use of this device to be very enjoyable.
  2. This device has a maximum speed of 18-22 km/hr, this is quite an improved speed for a scooter. You will definitely arrive at the required location within very short durations.
  3. This scooter has a 120 W standard charger. This makes the chagrining of this equipment very easy and also convenient. With a charging capacity of this level, it will not affect any other electrical appliances within the area. The battery itself has a very high capacity of 320 WH this make it to very sufficient for longer rides over longer periods of time
  4. The scooter has been designed with a test of fashion and also using a very futuristic design. This means that you will comfortably continue using this device over time without much feeling that time has caught up with the device
  5. The durability aspect of this scooter is quite high, it has been designed using very high quality material, and this makes it very effective since with a combination of high quality material and also a futuristic design, you have the ability to continue using this scooter over long duration of time.
  6. It has the ability to typically climb levels of up to 20 degrees. This is quite an improvement from previous models which had 15 degrees limits.
  7. It has an iPhone app which monitors the charge level of the device. The app is connected to the internet and can be usedto provide necessary information concerning the device.

Specifications Ninebot  One wheel  Self balancing Unicycle

  1. Weight: about 46.3 pounds
  2. Tension level Ninebot One E+
  3. Speed 18-22 KM/H
  4. Charger:120 watts
  5. Charging capacity:320Wh
  6. Maximum climbing ability: 20 degree


The Ninebot one-wheel self-balancing scooter unicycle is a future device which has been designed for us. Every aspect about the device is futuristic in nature. This makes the device quite convenient since if you purchase it now, you will probably not find any reason to buy another. It will perfectly fit your requirement during the present time and also the future. NINEBOT scooter unicycle ensures you have the right speed to reach your required location in shorter duration, the portability aspect is also a plus since you can easily lift it up and move on to the required specific area without much stressing. It has the ability to turn 360 degrees without much straining,this is a very big plus since this aspect combined with its size and also the maximum elevation it can climb makes it access different locations without any stressing. The presence of an app in the device is also a very interesting feature. This makes one to feel proud owning a device like this. To see how simple you can use this device follow this video.