Remote Control Wireless Electric Skateboard Review

Remote Control Electric Skateboard

Skateboarding is still considered as one of the coolest sport or a hobby by many people, although many people were of the opinion that skateboarders are just causing inconvenience. But those days are gone, now it’s one of the most respectable and convenient methods of transportation, although it can’t drop your kids to school or go to work which is far away, it’s very preferred in an urban environment. You can go to places in a campus or a residential place. It becomes really fun experience when you use Electric Skateboarding for the purpose of Skateboarding.

Remote Control Wireless Electric Skateboard ReviewFeatures of Electric Skateboarding:

Ever wondered how these electric skateboards operate. Well, there is only one answer of your question and that is Remote control, yes a remote control in your hand, a hand with full intuitive abilities controls this skateboard. It has a small handle in the middle of the remote, when pushed upwards the skateboard moves forward, and when pulled downwards, it moves downwards. The battery is 1000W, one for each motor. This means it is one the most powerful electric skateboard out there. It speeds up to 20-25kp that means double the power, bring two mighty battery powered engines in; it won’t be surprising to hear from a buyer that it accelerated like a sports car, as this skateboard provides with the ultimate new experience of riding a skateboard.

BY2 skateboard Review

wireless remote control electric skateboard

The main advantage of BY2 skateboard is that it’s a very adaptable, which means adjustable power and speed and adjustable skill level according to the expertise of the rider. It has three level options for different skill levels. This is a big advancement in the area of electric skate boarding.


The ride is genuinely enjoyable and perfect for short distance trips; now we have a better way of actual commuter transportation. I believe it is very useful for people who reside in military bases, college campuses, and urban residential area or even in the streets of NYC. Having difficulty going through the crazy jam-packed traffic or cannot find a parking spot, this skateboard is a perfect solution for these problems. It’s set at a very affordable range of $500 on sale right now.

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It’s also good news for crazy die-hard skateboarders, who now have a gadget on their skateboard, that gadget in the form of powerful battery powered extension to their regular skateboards.

Minor drawback

It has a genuine ride, but you can feel the bumps on a rough road, because of no shock absorbers installed.  This make it a bit dangerous when going at high speed, caution is strongly recommended when passing through uneven surfaces, and main contributing factor might be small wheels compared to some other electric skateboards.

Balancing weight, affordable cost, durability, ease of use, and a crazy fun silly factor all add up to a simple question. Is this the one I’m looking for? An instinctive answer is yes. This is a must have electric skateboard for every person out there looking to solve their problem of nearby transportation

Different positions of the best wireless remote control electric skateboard for sale are shown in the below image.

best wireless remote control electric skateboard for sale

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