Scootebike Review Scoot-E-Bike

Scoot E bike Review

Get a complete overview of the scootebike review here. Scoot-E-bike is the latest stunning product by This foldable electric scooter bike has lot of fantastic features.

Scoot e bike features

What makes this bike different from all other existing scooters and e bikes?

  • Foldable
  • Wireless key
  • Mileage – 30 Miles on full charge
  • Disk brakes on front and rear

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Scootebike review

Size of Scoot-E-Bike:

The bike is designed with fantastic looks and most importantly the size matters for parking. The unfold size of the scootE is  1200 mm x 615 mm x 985 mm where as the the size on folding is 1235 mm x 536 mm x 270 mm . One can observe a huge size reduction in length, height and width of the bike after folding it.

This scoote electric bike is available in black and white and can reach the speeds upto 20 miles per hour. Its very eco friendly scooter, this feature makes scoot-E-bike outstanding. It can withstand a maximum load of 250 – 260 Lb. This scooter can be easily foldable, so that it wont occupy much space for parking. Buy the scoot-E-bike here for around $1500.  Unfolding, assembling, charging, switching on this electric scooter is very easy and explained in the manual clearly. Scoot-e-bike comes with a head lamp, so this is very comfortable to ride even in the nights. The ebike is fitted with a lithium battery and it takes around three to five hours for full charge. On full charge this electric bike can be used for 30 miles riding. Charging is not much complicated, it has USB charging point at any outlet , so it is very easy to get it done.

Scoot e bike Safety Guide:

As all the vehicles need some safety measures to be safe. Few usage guides to follow to be safe while using this bike are listed below

  • Don’t over speed downhill.
  • Only used authorized charger and spares.
  • Don’t remake the bike, this may alter the entire design of the scootebike
  • Keep the battery away from fire and flammable gases.
  • Use safety helmet when riding.


All bikes including electric bikes needs maintenance for hassle free usage. In case of electric bikes, the maintenance is very less, if taken care of the batter well. Few steps are charging the battery in safe place and fully charging the bike before first use and proper full discharging at specified time periods. Don’t cover the battery while charging, as this may raise the temperature of it. If you notice high temperatures, take it to the notice of the company and get it repaired. Check the front and rear disc brakes for proper lubrication. Don’t inject any oils to rim or discs. Use only the company provided lubrication oils. By following these simple maintenance tips , the scoot-E-bike is will be trouble free.

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