Segway Kickstand

Segway entered the market of hover boards recently this year although it’s comparatively new, since its arrival it has been giving its customers a very satisfactory quality and style, additionally also announcing new accessories every once in a while for their hover board customers, which is a good strategy, as the company is looking to grow and make a name for itself and the products it produces, this will be beneficial for the producer and the consumer. A self-balancing personal transporter is already a unique and futuristic thing to behold but to include some accessories to it makes it very desirable. These accessories add uniqueness to these commuter transport self-balancing scooters and make them more applicable and useful for many alternative reasons. I am going to write about one of the very small accessories Segway recently introduced into the market; it is simply a kickstand, yes a small kickstand usually very necessary for parking. But one would question why a kickstand isn’t already attached to a hoverboard rather than buying it as an optional accessory.

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Features of Segway Kickstand

It usually works for people of different heights; the stand is easily adjustable according to the requirement of the height, just pull it upwards or downwards, whichever is necessary for a person.

Due to extended adjustable length feature, it enables a person of any age to enjoy this beautiful and easy to operate commuter transport. It is applicable on two generations of Segway hover boards. The i2 and x2 both of them skyrocketed after they were introduced to the market. So if have someone has either one of them or even both, this is the accessory they might want to add to their “to buy list for hover boards”. The main feature of this accessory is that it keeps your Segway in a perfectly upright and balanced position when you step away. It’s like a parking gear for your hover board, but the size is just smaller

It’s also very cheap, and any Segway hover board owner can afford it easily, you can order it directly from Segway or order it online from Amazon as well. It also comes with a one year warranty.

How to attach the kickstand to segway

Step by step instructions are included in the owner’s manual, but I’ll guide in a simple and in a brief way.

Two m5 screws are attached which you have to use to connect the kickstand to a Segway self-balancing scooter. It attaches to the rear side of the hover boards and is ultimately used for parking purposes. And it’s that simple, well, of course, it was going to be simple after all it’s a kickstand, no rocket science involved. After attachment simply push the kickstand down and your beautiful Segway scooter will stand totally upright, and you can park it wherever you want to.

It is reported by some customers that it breaks easily, and it isn’t made from tough material and that you can’t rely on this stand when you leave your hover board for hours.

Buy the Kickstand from Amazon here

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