Segway Ninebot Mini Pro Protective Gear Kit

Protective Gear Kit Segway Minipro

Everyone agrees on the fact that hover boards are increasingly becoming popular and one of the most preferred modes of commuter transportation. It saves a huge amount of time for us and is very fun and enjoyable to ride, giving an ecstatic feeling to the rider, but one should never forget to exercise precaution. Just like any modes of transportation, it is strongly recommended to take care of a person’s safety. Security and safety should be our number one priority to reduce any risks of accidents and injuries. That’s why a safety kit for any hover board is very necessary to behold. A protective gear kit from Segway is available in the market not only for Segway users but any hover board users. We often tend to ignore the security aspects when we’re having fun, but this kit will enable you to feel more secure while you’re having a good time and enjoying sceneries out on your hover board. It is not specifically designed for hover board, anyone who wants to enjoy any outdoor activity, this kit is strongly recommended. Skating, biking, even while skiing, this kit will prove to be very useful in these activities.

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Segway Ninebot Mini Pro Protective Gear Kit

What the Segway miniPro safety kit includesProtective Gear Kit Segway Minipro

This kit is one of the latest safety kits which includes most of those items which are used by daily bike and motorbike riders. This kit consists of two knee pads, a helmet, two elbow pads and two palm pads giving you a complete set so that you’re protected and covered from head to toe, which gives you a feeling of total satisfaction and security when you go on a ride on your hover board. Always feel safeguarded and protected with this brilliant safety kit.

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Features of Protective Gear Kit

It is very lightweight, so even if you’re wearing the whole kit, it won’t bother you while you’re riding around the town on your hover board. It is made from an advanced PE cold resistant material. It’s very comfortable to wear, which comes with soft fillings inside the head helmet especially. The material is waterproof, thus doesn’t rust or damages the look of your safety kit. The set is also absorbent, which allows its material to absorb any sweat produced in the protected areas. It also has excellent resistance to abrasion and is functionally windproof. The kit is available in a medium to ensure its availability to a huge amount of customers but not all of them, which is a minor setback. It is suitable and recommended for both children and adults; the helmet has a broad circumference ranging from 55 to 58 cm. It appeals very stylishly and decent to the looking eye because of the shiny black lustrous color.

So no matter whether you’re an active skateboarder, a bike rider, a motorbike rider or a hover board user, this kit is one of the best kits available in the market which is very affordable. Best prices are available on, or you can order it directly from the manufacturer.

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