Self Balancing Hoverboard Scooter Christmas 2016

Self balancing scooters have gone viral this year and this must be in the must buy list for Christmas holidays 2015. When these scooters were released for the first time, these are very costly and all models were around $1000 + . Now many models are in the market and many more companies started  production and so the prices have come down. Now the cheapest self balancing scooter is under $300.

Self Balancing Scooter Christmas 2015

Now a days there was news in many daily news papers that these self balancing scooters are not legal , but even then many people buying them for personal use. Riding these 2 wheeled  self balance scooters is very easy that even kids can learn them in under 5 minutes time. Each scooter has different configurations and different specifications. Select the best self balancing scooter based on your requirements.

1Cheapest Self Balancing Scooter

If you are looking for a cheapest self balancing scooter for this Christmas , find the best one here under $300 with good positive reviews. Get cheap self balance scooter here.

2IO HAWK Scooter

If looking to buy the best in class scooter and not worried about the cost , then IO HAWK is the best scooter. It has great features and good backup. Click here to see the complete IO HAWK review

2CHIC Smaert Scooters – Top Selling

CHIC smart has their own range of scooters. There are 4 different models of this brand. See all CHIC smart scooters review here



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