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Self Balancing Electric Scooter Unicycle

Self Balancing Unicycle

Self-balancing unicycles are getting extremely popular mode of transportation these days, the reason being their ease of use. Moreover, these private transport vehicles are environmentally safe too, and it is expected that they will get even more popular in the coming times.Self Balancing Unicycle

What is self balancing electric scooter unicycle?

Self balancing electric unicycle can be defined as an electric unicycle that makes use of gyros, sensors and accelerometers along with electric motor to help the rider balance on this vehicle having a single wheel. Riders need to stand up on it to drive it and stability and balance while moving backward or forward is taken care by gyroscopes. The riders are required to maintain the balance of left or right. It needs little efforts on the part of the rider to get used to it. One can learn how to ride them in just a few minutes.

What are the alternate names for self balancing unicycle?

Self balancing unicycle is known by several other names, but all of them are long. The full and formally recognizable name is self balancing unicycle. Apart from this, it is known by several other names such as electric unicycle, wheel, electric single-wheel scooter, personal electric vehicle etc.

Which products are not self balancing unicycle?

Self balancing unicycles have only one wheel and the rider stands on platforms at either sides of wheel. If you are driving the vehicle using pedals or if the platform is in between wheels like segway or if the rider stands sideways like on a skateboard, then these are not considered as self-balancing unicycles.

How self balancing unicycles work?

Self-balancing unicycles work on the same principle as segways. Just like Segway, the rider needs to balance him/herself on the unicycle and bend forward or backward to control the direction and spee Self Balancing Electric Scooterd. The rider needs to lean forward to increase the speed of the unicycle and backward to decrease the speed and eventually stop it. The different between Segway and self balancing electric scooter is that segways have two wheels and the rider just needs to handle steering with hands, on the other hand, self-balancing unicycles have only one wheel. The rider needs to take care of right or left balance just like one has to do while riding bicycle.

Are self balancing unicycles new in the market?

Yes, self balancing unicycles have been in the market since last five years only. It is a new trend among youngsters and gaining popularity day by day due to various advantages associated with its use.

How much self balancing unicycle costs?

There are different brands and models available in the market. There is a wide difference in the price range of different models depending upon the features they have. You can get self-balancing unicycle in as low as 500 dollars and as high as 1500 dollars. You can even find more expensive models in the market.

From where to buy self-balancing unicycles?

A majority of self balancing unicycles are made and assembled in China and there is a wide variety available in the market. However, there may be a difference in quality in products from different manufacturers. Some Chinese products may be low in quality and may be unsafe for users. Such products are available at cheap price, but safety cannot be ignored. You need to carefully check with the manufacturer and supplier before making any decision. You can find them on various e-commerce platforms such as amazon, e-bay etc.

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What are the different brand available in the market?

There are different brands of self-balancing unicycles available in the market. Some of the brands are Walker, Robstep, King Song, Leadway, GTS, Mobbo, TG, Milbay, Speedway, MyWay Crosswheel, Esway, Pinwheel, Betterwheels, Firewheel, Ninebot, F-wheel, Solowheel, Gotway,IPS, Bings, Legway, Firewheel, Tomoloo, UERA, Tomoloo, Toptrip, Sologear, EYU, Freego, Wingoo, Superwheel etc.

Is self balancing unicycle difficult to ride?

It is not difficult to ride a self-balancing unicycle, but it takes some time and efforts on the part of the user to get used to it. You can not expect to be an expert in riding unicycle in the first ride.

Where should one practice learning self balancing electric unicycle?

The ideal places where you should practice riding self-balancing unicycle are public square, empty parking lots, side street, backyard or playing pitch. You should practice at some flat area and having a railing or wall nearby is a plus point if you are just a beginner. You should always make sure that whenever and whatever place you practice riding unicycle, you should not interfere with  other vehicles. You also need to make sure that it is legal to ride unicycle at the place where you want to practice.

Is a license required to ride self balancing unicycle?

Most of the countries of the world have not included self-balancing unicycle under laws. So, there is no known law for them so far. However, these are also vehicles driven using engine so it is quite possible that there may be requirements for registration, license, insurance and tax. Users are required to check the same with local authorities. Generally self-balancing unicycles should be treated in the same way as bicycles as these use same type and amount of energy and are eco-friendly.

The benefits of self balancing unicycle

Self-balancing unicycles have a unique look and they are getting extremely popular among people. Many people are not aware of the benefits of riding self-balancing unicycles. Here we can discuss some of them:

Self balancing unicycles can be defined as modern means of transport that uses electricity to drive. Body gravity center is used to move it backward or forward or turn left or right or to increase speed or stop. It all depends on the rider and how he/she is balancing his/her body while riding unicycle. It is best for short distances and you can use it in the rush hours as well and in this way you need not to worry about missing your bus. The size of self-balancing unicycles is small and this is the reason that you can easily carry them anywhere you want. People who are regular office goers, but cannot afford a car or a bike to commute to their workplace, self-balancing unicycles are a great boon.

The thing that should be noticed here is that riding self-balancing unicycle is not that simple and needs some efforts and time on the part of the rider. To ride them, you need to be good at balancing yourself. You should always concentrate on the road and balancing yourself while you are riding unicycle. You can slow the speed of the unicycle by leaning backward and increase it by leaning forward. To change the direction, you can lean right or left, according to the direction you want to turn to. Riding a unicycle also benefits the riders in terms of physical exercise.

In today’s scenario, we see lots of pollution emitted by vehicles on roads. Different types of harmful gases are emitted into the environment that are unsafe for living beings. In such situation, self balancing unicycles are a green and environment friendly mode of transport. They do not discharge any gas in the environment and cause no pollution. Not only these are environment friendly, but these are rechargeable modes of transport, means you can recharge them using electricity and no fuel is required to run them.

Hence, it can be concluded that self-balancing unicycles are not only a convenience mode of transport for the users, but they also help with environmental protection and energy conservation.

Difference between bicycle and self balancing unicycle

Human beings have been using several modes of transport that started with sedan chairs being carried by humans, horse ride, camel ride, elephant ride, bullock carts, late steam trains, buses, ships, cars, automobiles, aircrafts, space shuttle etc. The travel frequency of human beings is getting higher and travel distance is getting far. As far as personal vehicles are concerned bicycles played an important role and are still in use. One more personal mode of transport is getting popular these days and that is self-balancing unicycle. It resembles somehow with bicycles, but there are some differences between the two:

  1. Bicycles are simple as far as basic principle is concerned as these are assembling of gear and chain. On the other hand, self balancing unicycles are high tech products. These make use of algorithm, space attitude control principle and gyroscope for controlling, balancing and speed. It is a little bit complex to understand this technology.
  2. As far as characteristics are concerned, both, bicycles and self-balancing unicycles are environment friendly. Manpower is used to run bicycles and unicycles make use of electricity. In both the conditions, there is no pollution discharge in the environment. Both means are low carbon types of transport.
  3. As far as purpose is concerned, both means of transport are offer functions of sports, fitness, walking etc. bicycle can offer several fitness benefits and can serve as fitness equipment as well. Cycling has always been a competition sport, popular in forms of mountain race, road cycling race, stunt race etc.

A self balancing unicycle can run for 10 km at max speed of 10km/hr when it is fully charged. These are ideal means of personal transports for short distances. These can also be used as fitness tools as the rider need to balance his body and lean forward or backward to control speed and direction.

In short, it can be concluded that both bicycle and self balancing unicycle have great benefits in terms of environmental conservation and are a great personal transport with some differences in some aspects as we discussed above.

Buying guide for best self balancing electric scooter

You will find lots of models and brands of self balancing unicycle in the market which will make it difficult for you to select one. You will find models having standing or seating options, models with different speed levels and so on. There are certain things that you need to consider before buying a self balancing scooter that are discussed below:

Seated or standing: it is an important factor to consider whether you want a unicycle with or without seating option. Seated self balancing unicycle is like traditional model and it has pedals as well to facilitate users, however standing self balancing unicycle is a relatively new concept and is gaining popularity these days, especially among youngsters.

 There is a difference in the way of control between seated and standing unicycles. In  seated unicycle, the riders        are required to lean forward or backward to control speed ans to stop. On the other hand, standing unicycle         requires the rider to lean entire body to run it and it is a little more difficult to learn to ride and balance it.

Speed: Speed is also an important factor. Everyone longs for speed, but thing to be noted here is that the average speed that one can achieve with self balancing unicycle is 10km/hr. If you are looking for faster speed than this, then you must know that it will need permit and license. Hence, do not go for brands that are mainly highlighting speed only.

Size: size of unicycle is another important consideration. Usually, adults need bigger unicycles as compared to children. You also need to check weight limitations as well. Check with the manufacturer about the maximum weight that the unicycle you have selected can bear and strictly follow that.

Riding capability: you need to check the type of terrain where you can ride your self balancing unicycle safely. Usually, unicycles are best suited for flat areas with minimum inclines. It is not advisable to ride unicycles on hilly areas because these are not designed to take the trudge. Again, you need to inquire the same from the manufacturer.

Battery duration: usually, fully charges self blancing unicycle can run for 90 minutes at speed of about 10 mph, which can enable you to cover 20kms roughly. However, there are several things that need to be considered here like the type of terrain.

Price of self balancing electric scooter : Just like any other product, price plays an important role in the selection of self balancing unicycle as well. You can get it in a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. It all depends on the facilities and brands. Always consider your budget first before making any selection.

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