Smart Balance wheel scratch protector

Segway is following its own trend in making a hover board perfect and stylish. It keeps on adding accessories to its hover board to make it multi-functional. But now it has introduced a new addition to the market which will not add any equipment to the hover board but will keep its brand new. Yes, they have a scratch wheel protector to offer. This is a very small accessory introduced into the market by the company, which gives an image of goodwill from the company side; they care about the products they make, even after selling them. Want your hover board to look 100% new after 1000 miles of riding and after having an amazing experience with it? Now it is possible with this scratch protector. Even if your hover board falls away from you in an even pavement or you fell off it due to getting out of control, this product won’t let it damage your favorite hover board and it will stay brand new. It’s available at a very cheap price and when you compare with the benefit of having a scratch protector it costs nothing.

Smart Balance wheel scratch protector

It is made of carbon fiber resembling material called“flexible nylon” which protects your hover board from scratches at all costs. It’s tough as well as flexible, which means it can take a hit without breaking and doesn’t let it affect your hover board. The smart balance wheel scratch protector comes in a six piece set. The larger strips are 2 in a quantity which is designed specifically for the wheels only. It also includes four comparatively smaller sized strips for attachment to the front and back of your hover board. Its 3m and very adherent and to an extent tough which makes it stick to the surface of the hover board even in heavy rain or any bad weather.

A person can also attach it to something else, besides your hover board. It is easily attachable to a smart balance wheel, scooter, chic scooter, and moon rover and even some mini bikes, for instance, anything that has round wheel moldings and has a wheel size of 7 or 8 inches. A wheel size of 7 or 8 inches, yes that’s the only limitation this wheel scratch protector has other than this you can practically attach it to anything you want.

How its attached

It is designed in a perfect yet very simplistic way which contours to wheels, front and back. It also protects the front of the shell, meaning the whole bottom of your Segway minipro is going to be protected with this accessory and you won’t lose the perfect decent look your hover board gives you. It works as a glass screen protector for a cell phone, even if you unintentionally drop your phone, the glass breaks, and your phone stays safe. This scratch wheel protector functions in the same way. The hover board is not affected by small hits or scratches that a hover board encounters.

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