Where to Get Used Segway for Sale?

Tips to find used segways for sale

With the prices of petroleum constantly on the rise and the uncertainty of the future of non-renewable energy, there is an increase in the need for Swagway electrical transport systems. Among the different personal transporting systems that are available, one product that is unique and stands out is known as the Segway board . This device has taken the market by storm and provides an innovative way to daily travel. Since its launch in 2001, this device has continued gaining popularity in markets around the globe. This is because the personal transporting system is fully self-contained and electric. The device has wide applications in different areas including the use by law enforcement beat officers who use it for commuting. The product has also gained popularity in theme parks for transporting both employees and clients. The company released two new models the x2 and i2 in 2006.


  • Internal gyroscope for balance and uprightness
  • Natural and intuitive steering design for easy maneuver
  • Reliance on natural body shifts for controlling direction and speed
  • Efficient and streamlined appropriate for internal city daily commute
  • Wireless Infokey with lean-steer system
  • Safe and efficient locking mechanism
  • The i2 comes with 2 lockable cargo storage trunks above both wheels
  • Easy and convenient transportation of personal belongings

The x2

  • Recreational vehicle from Segway
  • Easily usable on rugged and off-road terrains
  • Tough tires appropriate for unique excursions
  • 2 golf-oriented models available with wider and softer tires providing complete protection to green areas
  • The x2 Turf is provided with low pressure tires along with scratch resistant feeders
  • The x2 Golf comes with access bag carrier doubling as a caddie

Primary Uses

  • Transportation – This personal transporting system is used as an alternative to motorcycle. Although, these are legal there are certain local restrictions on usage and being aware of these before you try to find used segway for sale is advisable.
  • Tourism–Several countries provide segways for guided city tours as the personal transporter can be used on the streets while adhering to the regulatory guidelines. The government regulates on where the system can be driven, age of the riders, and speed limits to ensure minimum inconvenience to riders as well as pedestrians.
  • Security–An increasing number of regions are using Segways for surveillance and security. You will find many guards roaming the cities on these transportation systems instead of the regular bikes and patrol vehicles.

used segways for sale

Tips to find used segways

So the models released in 2006 x2 and i2 were old today. These models will be available for seconds sale. Segway of Central Florida deals in a wide range of pre-owned Segway units. Many people find the price of a new Segway a little steep and often think that they can buy a second-hand car for the same amount. Such people may consider buying used segway for sale to understand the efficiency and benefits of this personal transportation system. The best place to find a used Segway is to browse on the Internet. This medium provides several resources where you can find different kinds of products available at various prices. Before placing the buy order, it is important you compare the different models that are available. You must evaluate the features, age, and price to make an informed decision. Most people are surprised to find it tough to find a used system because owners do not want to give up the several benefits and advantages offered by this two-wheeled electrical personal transportation system. The product is durable and will last for at least ten years, which is another reason finding a used Segway is difficult.

Nonetheless, the World Wide Web is a good way to connect with potential sellers. Checking the condition of the used segway for sale before completing the purchase is important. Buyers must be careful to ensure the product they are purchasing is not stolen. This can be done by checking with the company that maintains the serial numbers of all the sold segways. In addition, the company will provide duplicate keys only to users who have made authentic purchases, which is another reason to be extra careful while purchasing a second-hand Segway.

If possible, you must physically check the product to see the condition. You would also be able to benefit if you do some research on the various models that are available and find out the prices in case you were buying a new product. This analysis and research will help you from falling prey to sellers demanding higher prices, which will make your purchase cost efficient and affordable. With zero emissions, single battery charge providing up to 38 kilometers travel capabilities, and ease and convenience of use, the Segway is a product that is here to stay. If you cannot afford a new system, try your luck in finding a used segway for sale. The biggest favor with buying a brand new Segway is that it comes with a full one year warranty on power base and battery of course the price may be higher than the used segway.

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