ZYRODRONE Z1 Scooter Review

ZYRODRONE Z1 Self Balancing Scooter

In personal transportation devices segment ZyrodroneZ1 is very innovative. Compared to other scooters available here, zyrodrone has its own mark and many specific features which all the self balance scooters won’t have. How this is special and different from others? If you tried any other scooters which are imitated by this technology , you can easily find the difference between Zyrodrone and others , as the technology used with Zyrodrone scooters is original , without any deviations. It moves smoothly in any direction and turns easily. Look at the below image to see how good finishing it has compared to other scooters. This is the reason it’s priced higher than others.

zyrodrone self balancing scooter review

ZYRODRONE’ Z1 Features :

Turning Radius:

What is turning radius?  It is the radius the self balancing scooter needs to turn and switch direction from the spot you are standing. Zyrodrone Z1 has Zero turning radius, this means it can turn and change direction from the spot you are standing without taking time to adjust the position. 

Balancing system: 

Zyrodrone has built in gyroscopes and accelerometers. Most other scooters don’t have these features. So it balances easily with the gyroscope and accelorometer.  This feature makes it remarkably easy for you to master the device easily in under 5 minutes. Most other scooters take little more time to learn riding them.

Climbing Angle:

Climbing angle is the maximum elevation or inclination to which the scooter can go easily. This same as for all other self balance scooters which is 15 degrees. There is nothing special in it with Z1.

Battery: With the Z1 a Samsung rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 36V 4.4Ah is included. One full charged you can cruise 15 – 20 KM easily with it. The battery capacity depends on the weight of the person on it. It usually takes two to three hours for full charge. Also  it comes with power cord for 220V as well as 110V to charge.

Top Speed: Maximum speed with ZyrodroneZ1 is 10.0 MPH . This is very much comfortable for a self balancing scooter.

Weight: Weight of the scooter with battery included is 10kilogram or 22 LB. This is very light weight , which can be carried easily on your back pack.

Load: The maximum load the scooter can with stand is 100KG or 220 lb. There are many people who weighed 230LB who were using it with ease.

Water proof: Actually  Zyrodrones Z1 is not water proof. But their testing team has used it when it is slightly raining and there was not any problems. So it is not recommended to use this smart electric scooter under water and heavy rain.

Price :  

Click here to see today’s Zyrodrone Price 

It is priced around $800 – $1000. It is higher than other scooters which are available  around $400. So why the price is higher? Z1 worth such high price? Definitely YES .  Because this scooter is built with original technology. See more about it below

See how Zyrodrone differs from other scooters 

  • Original technology
  • It has built in gyroscope and accelerometer. This is them main reason for stable and effortless riding
  • Learn to ride it under five minutes. Most of the buyers learned i in just 2 minutes.
  • This scooter can drive forward and backward , which most of the scooters don’t do.
  • Self calibration function. No self balance scooter has this function.
  • This doesn’t break even if you bump on the curve few time but other scooters are very easily breakable
  • Smooth balancing and brakes


self balancing scooter reviews


Zyrodrone Z1 is for?

This device is good for all age groups , from 8 year old kids to 50 year old people. Even a 9 year kid who weighed 225 lb has learned to use it under 5 minutes. This shows how easy it is to ride a  Zyrodrone Z1

More Images of Z1

z1 zyrodrone smart electric scooterzyrodrone


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